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The other morning, I wait at the roadside for a taxi to drop my children to school. The husband is away for the day and the task thus falls upon me .
We wait for ten minutes with absolutely no luck. Meanwhile we pretend not to see any Saudi taxis, because of a long standing common belief  that it was not safe to ride with a Saudi taxi driver. 

Finally a car slows down and stops near us. Relieved that he s Asian, I quickly usher the children in and give him directions.The driver looks completely lost, he doesnt know the location he tells me.We were already late so I firmly dismiss his confusion and ask him to take us anyway, I would give him directions.
I wonder why he has such a confused expression though.In a place like Riyadh, it would actually be the lady passenger that maybe wary , not the driver.

He drives on, in the directions that I give to him in a hurried frenzy.  Given a silent moment, a while later, he looks at me and tells me in  a low voice..I dropped my little girl off at school, and only came to  take a walk around the Malaz stadium.”

I gasp ! “You arent a taxi driver ?”
He isnt one he admits.
Good Heavens..! It hits me, that I was misled when he parked his car near us to  thinking he stopped for us .  The poor man seeing my determined look must have thought that he better take this lady where she wants or else !

I quickly apologise and refuse his kind willingness to drop us anyway.The children give me the” Whats wrong with you ,Mamma” stare down..and I shake my head in embarassment while we continue our ride to school in the next taxi.
Sigh ………


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