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Maison BO-M Galleries to host two of Tanween Design Boutique’s Events:
Backstage and Bags & Shades in Riyadh, KSA from February 5th till the 25th, 2013.

Following the much talked about success of both Backstage and Bags & Shades Exhibitions held in Tanween Design Boutique in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in May and  November 2012, the tour has now moved to renowned Maison BO-M Galleries in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a special launching event to be held on February 5th at 8:30 pm and with the exhibition to continue on from February 6th till February 25 th, 2013.

The exhibition will feature twenty-three upcoming designers and one artist from all over the  Middle East. Their talents range from Fashion to Jewelry to Art. The concept is based on the inner workings of an actual Backstage event and taking our clients through the process of behind the scenes of a red carpet event. A Backstage event is an undertaking that requires coordination and proper planning with the right group of  talent. We believe that it is important to understand the effort and coordination required  for those working behind the scenes. When successful, it allows the audience to rethink their own fashion tastes, challenge perceptions and develops the local industry. This event is a social initiative to allow members of the creative community to work hand in hand in presenting regional talent. With budding cities like Riyadh and Jeddah that holds a diverse range of talent, the industry has a bright future to develop and grow in the next few decades.

Through a strategic alliance, Maison BO-M and Tashkeil have come together as both Creative Industry leaders in Saudi Arabia, as partners and collaborators to bring about large-scale Creative events in KSA. Tashkeil is the first Middle Eastern platform for
creatives to succeed by equipping, facilitating, fostering & incubating them to reach their  full creative potential. Maison Bo-M opened luxury bohemian inspired multi-brand boutiques in Jeddah and Riyadh and a very exclusive Gallery space in Riyadh to promote Art, Fashion and Design in the Region. Both parties endeavor to develop the retail market by supporting and promoting regional talent.

Location: Maison BO-M
Creator and Curator: Tanween Design Boutique
Event Launch: February 5th, 2013 from 8:30pm-10:30pm
Ladies only. Admission Fee 50 SAR for Event Launch Exhibition Dates: February 6th-25th, 2013

The featured designers will be:
– Falamank (Jewelry/Lebanon) – Tasche Bags (Bags/Lebanon)
– Solo Bags (Bags/Lebanon) – Miss E (Bags/Lebanon)
– Rania F (Bags/Lebanon) – Oumnia Boutique(Accessories/Lebanon)
– Sarah’s Bag (Bags/Lebanon) – Amina K (Fashion/Egypt)
– Mukhi Sisters (Jewelry/Lebanon) – Tha’aba (Jewelry/Kuwait)
– Bint Thani (Accessories/UAE) – Jarrah Al-Bloushi (Visual Art/Kuwait)
– Nadine Mneimneh (Fashion/Lebanon) – Collectible (Fashion/Lebanon)
– Annada (Accessories/Bahrain) – Le Nour Designs (Bags/Lebanon)
– White Sur White (Product/Lebanon) – Cynthia Raffoul (Jewelry/Lebanon)
– Karma (Accessories/Egypt) – Dina Khalife (Fashion/Lebanon)
– Margherita (Bags/Lebanon) – Alessandra Jabban (Abayas/KSA)
– Lina Gazzaz (Art/KSA) – Rodney El Hajj (Product/Lebanon)
Sponsors: Tanween Design Boutique (Management and Curation), Maison BO-M (Venue
Hosts), I Art Garage (Photography, Zoning and Videography) and Chocolat in Jeddah
(Gourmet Sweets). Please see attached invitation for logos.
Creative Contributors: Lina Sabbouh (Hair Styling and Make-Up Artist), Lamia Al-Saleh
(Stylist) and Tatiana Certan (Evening Dressmaker) for their services during the event.
About Tanween Design Boutique

Tanween is a design boutique that offers a unique concept. In many ways, it is like a museum of all design categories and is a division of Tashkeil. It brings together  independent designers from all over the Middle East under one roof, creating a platform to showcase their work in an exclusive showroom.

Located in the exclusive Al-Shatea district, Tanween features independent Middle Eastern designers, every four months displaying everything from fashion, art, jewelry, architecture, graphic, industrial and photography.
Tashkeil created Tanween Design Boutique to serve as a platform to showcase the work of independent Middle Eastern designers in an exclusive showroom. Each event is hosted by different sponsors around Jeddah, to give them an opportunity to engage the local
creative community and enable budding creative talents, which reside in this industrious city as a forum to promote their talents.

About Tashkeil (
Tashkeil is a social enterprise that promotes Creative Entrepreneurs by providing them with an information exchange forum, media coverage, access to commercial network and exclusive membership benefits. The organization is grounded on the idea of fostering the
skills and creativity of Middle Eastern designers and facilitating their direct participation in the development of suitable projects.

Tashkeil’s aim is to inspire the region in achieving its renaissance through Fat’ha; uniting skills and common interests Dammah;
breaking obstacles Kasra; building bridges between the designers and the commercial world Madd; creating a boutique Tanween; and promoting peace and harmony between cultures through engaging in social corporate activities; Sukoon.

The aim of Tashkeil is to revive our region’s heritage as an eclectic center for design, art, architecture and culture in hopes of reducing Designers’ migration to other locations. As leaders of the creative industry in the Middle East, Tashkeil has launched many initiatives
to fulfill its mission.

Click on the below link to register by going to our website. Just enter your detail and pay the registration fees.

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  1. diana, February 16, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Wow ! Such an exquisite fashion event Riyadh?


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