Assembling a modern data centre is no easy task.

Supporting new holistic requirements is paramount, with infrastructure convergence, optimisation and automation all key goals, while saving energy and costs are also top priorities.

This August, CPI Media Group will host its third annual Data Centre Build Roadshow, following on the huge success of the previous two outings.

The conferences will reach Riyadh, Doha and Dubai, and promise to be a cornerstone of regional IT education.

Each conference is designed to educate technology professionals and business leaders on the best way to design, build and operate a successful data centre. Each of these single stream seminars will host a selection of speakers including analysts, industry experts and sponsor case studies and will bring together 80-100 senior IT professionals and business leaders who are responsible, for their organisation’s ICT strategy.

Key topics will include:

  • The design, building and operation of the data centre, from site selection, engineering and design to power availability and full data centre automation.
  • Outsourcing decisions, from collocation to Platform-as-a-Service, from Software-as-a-Service, to building your data centre in the cloud.
  • IT optimisations, insight on how IT needs drive data centre strategy and how that impacts infrastructure requirements