hajjA newly-wed couple in the kingdom decided to perform Hajj instead of spending their honeymoon elsewhere, reported Sabq news.

The bride, Asmaa Al-Tamimi said that she requested her husband to take her to perform Hajj as their wedding gift so that they could start their new life together with a spiritual journey. She hopes that the annual pilgrimage will increase their faith and that they would get Allah’s blessings. The bride considers this spiritual trip to the Holy Ka’aba as the most meaningful gift her husband could offer her.

Another newly-wed couple from Cairo in Egypt performed Hajj this year as part of their honeymoon trip to achieve spiritual balance in their new life. The husband, Saeed Obaid, said that to go Hajj was a dream for them and he had promised his wife to take her to Hajj. He is very thankful for being able to fulfill his promise and their dream. He hopes that the new chapter in their lives starts with strong faith and God’s blessings.

According to Nizar Ramadan, a family counselor, the idea of newly-married couples going for Hajj needs to be encouraged as it could reduce divorce rates and also reduce honeymoon expenses that bear down on new couples. Ramadan said that a couple who is spiritually connected can build a strong foundation for their marriage based on strong faith and spiritual love.