prisoner tortured in jailA Saudi citizen, Ahmed Al-Harthi, has expressed his anger and lashed out against Briman jail in Jeddah.

His brother, Abdo Al-Harthi, is currently serving time in Briman prison after being convicted for a case related to drugs. He has been in the prison for 3 months now. Local newspapers reported that Abdo told his brother that other inmates in the jail were tormenting and torturing him.

On his brother’s behalf, Ahmed registered a complaint at the Emirate of Mecca and the Directorate of Prisons and Human Rights. Additionally, as proof of torture, he submitted video footage that he obtained from his brother’s friend in jail. In one of the video clips, Abdo’s hands and legs were bound by a rope and then hung upside-down from the ceiling. Following this, he was repeatedly hit by the prisoners.

It is clear that such brutal, inhumane episodes were taking place in the absence of security personnel in the prison.