“From deep within, our spirits are calling for a new and greater global wholeness, global healing, and global opportunity — the voice is ours, the time is now, and the resources are what we have” says modern day mystic and author Laura Teresa Marquez.

This should explain why a parody of the music video  Gangnam Style by Korean pop singer PSY became such a huge hit in Saudi Arabia.

‘Gangnam Style’  video recently broke the Guinness World Record for the most liked video in the history of YouTube with nearly   4,911,081 likes since the video’s July 15th release.

Korean music sensation PSY with his Guinness World Record certificate

The Saudi version, an extremely funny  parody was performed by five talented Saudi younsters wearing the traditional Saudi red headdress, white underpants and vests, which men usually wear under their thoubs.The  music video was shot  in the heavily crowded King Abdullah Road in Riyadh.

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times within a week since its release. It revealed several  inside jokes and traditional habits among young Saudis especially one where the typical  soda drink is always found in  strange , unexpected  places.

There have also been reports that some western expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia started wearing the traditional Saudi underwear mistaking it  to be the new local fashion !

The video may be viewed here: