car burntInvestigation teams in Riyadh arrested two young Saudi men, aged 18 and 21 years, who stole a car two weeks back with a lady passenger inside.

They reportedly abandoned the woman  and used the  car for drifting, causing a tragic accident. They later  burned the car, Arabic daily Sabq reported.  

Three days prior to the arrest, Police noticed a vehicle with no license plate that was engaged in drifting. Even though they attempted to stop it, the drivers managed to run away.

Two days later, the same car was spotted in the east of Riyadh causing another accident after colliding with 2 other vehicles. The drivers again managed to escape.

On the third day, following intensive search by the Police, the car was recovered in a burned condition and the drivers were arrested at a public park, east of Riyadh.  

In accordance with instructions from the Interior Ministry, the Traffic Department of Riyadh warns  the public that force may be used if necessary to deal with people engaged in drifting causing  accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities.