BALLON-BAY-DEATHA two year old child in the Naseem district of Riyadh died from asphyxiation after choking on a  balloon that burst in his face.

According to news daily Sabq, the child was playing with the balloon, when it suddenly burst, blocking his airway and causing his face to turn blue from choking. Even though his family rushed him to the nearest clinic, the baby died before arrival.

The doctor who examined the child said he had no pulse when he arrived at the clinic. The balloon had blocked his airway and he died of asphyxiation.

She warned all parents  of the danger of  little children playing with balloons.  Small children  get balloons or pieces of broken balloons in/near their mouths. Then they inhale, and the balloon gets sucked into the airway. It is nearly impossible to get the balloon back out and the child suffocates. Balloons cause more choking deaths in children than any other non food product.