200,000 illegal foreign workers

The official spokesman of the Saudi General Directorate of Passports, Colonel Badr Al-Malik, confirmed that the Directorate has deported nearly 201,000 residence law violators, during the last three months, after completing necessary legal procedures. The deportees  including men, women and children were from various nationalities. 

Al-Malik told Arabic  daily Al-Hayat that the Passport Directorate receives the deportees through passport patrols or by reference  from  other security officials. They are then interrogated and verified to be clear of any legal claims. Afterwards, the deportees without passports are issued travel documents through their countries’ representatives and added to the list of the restricted people banned from entering Saudi Arabia. 

Meanwhile, the official spokesman of the General Directorate for the Border Guards, Brigadier Mohammed Al-Ghamdi  stated that their patrols managed to arrest 6,851 illegal intruders to the Kingdom during the past  week. Additionally, they foiled an attempt to smuggle 6,144 kilograms of narcotic “Qat” last month in various regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Ghamdi also stated in a recent press statement that the Borders Guards foiled attempts to smuggle  83 guns and more than 5,500 rounds of  active ammunition. Furthermore, the guards faced 53 cases of gunfire while performing their job.

The Borders Guards’ job is to plant ambushes and ground-patrol mountains and valleys along the border on foot, thus making sure that the area is free of prohibited items that could be hidden there. Sometimes, the patrol guards would get bitten by scorpions and snakes while on the job. The guards  had also rescued 27 people  in one week from drowning in the coastal areas.