mobile blood bankA Saudi citizen from the city of Al-Ta’if restored a 25-year old caravan and converted it to a mobile blood bank, reported Akhbaar24.

The director of emergency management at the health department of Ta’if, Saeed Al-Zahrani came up with the idea of the mobile blood bank. Al-Zahrani contributed for all the parts necessary for the interiors of the vehicle. The caravan vehicle has a sitting area and a restroom. It is fitted with three high-tech, electrically operated chairs for donors, chairs in the waiting area, oxygen cylinders, and air conditioning and lighting.

The idea of a mobile blood bank received huge positive response as people need not go to hospitals to donate blood any longer. Donating blood is made very convenient and encouraging. The mobile blood bank parks at various locations near markets and government building others and receives volunteer who wish to donate blood. The mobile blood blank attracted 220 donors in just the first two days of operation.