By Jasir Badsha | RiyadhConnect

“Marriages are worth more than 5 carats of a finely crafted diamond”


Yesterday I was watching ESPN and an ad comes up for Seagram’s music CDs (no really, they want you to listen to music, not buy their alcohol ) where a guy forgets his wedding anniversary and ends up choosing a 5 carat diamond ring to placate his wife.

Now I loved the ad, it was well made and all, that is until I  got curious on how much a 5 carat ring would cost. SR 200,000 was the cheapest I could find. Yeah.

Next 5 words I’m thinking are, “Wife. Must. Not. See. This.”

Now, women, when we men marry you, we promise to love you and make you happy and what not. But sometimes we tend to forget important stuff. And when we do, we know we’re in trouble. Because for most men, there is nothing in the world more unpleasant than returning home to an angry wife.

Now you women are at an advantage in these situations, you have us at your mercy. When you put food on the table with that grumpy face and eerie silence, your killing us inside. We realize we have to make this up to you. We know we should.

The important part. How?

It’s partly down to you wives, and partly down to us men.

Ladies, if your unhappy with your husband for any reason and the only way you reconcile is when he buys you an expensive gift or takes you out to the best restaurant in town, then your marriage is made in heaven. And heading for hell.

And as for us men, well, firstly, try not to forget. Secondly, try to remember. Finally, memorize the last two sentences.

If you still fail, don’t open your wallet yet. Sit down. Think. Have you ever helped out with the dishes? Helped clear the table before? Turn off the TV and the internet(I know buddy, but hang in there). Some laundry? Maybe even plan a visit to your in-laws(extreme scenarios).

You don’t really need to follow these instructions, just think of something that includes spending time together and helping her out. Point is, you have to make her realize that there’s more you can offer to make her happy than just the bling. Who knows, she might prefer it this way.

Ladies, if your unhappy with your husband for any reason, talk to him. Probably not when he’s watching his favourite game on TV or when he’s busy with work. Find a situation where we’re likely to have a better attention span, hopefully more than 30 seconds. And yes, talking would be preferable to yelling.

Let us know what we’re doing wrong. The important this is don’t outright tell us how to fix it. Ask us. Ask us how we think we can fix it. Helps us husbands to understand that this is a problem. And find a solution both of you are ok with. It doesn’t always work, but it’s always worth a try. Our children grow up learning from us, if not for us, for them, let’s show them marriages are worth more than 5 carats of a finely crafted diamond. Marriages and family are, in the words of another ad, Priceless.