strippedboyA shocking incident came to light when an occupant of the building which housed an Indian school clicked a photograph of a 5-year-old child who was stripped for being mischievous.

Shahran Muscati, who runs an intermediate college on second floor of the building clicked the picture which shows a naked child wearing only socks and shoes locked inside  a room.

Muscati said that he was shocked to see the embarrassed child being stared and laughed at by other kids in a place infested with rodents.

The principal of the Embassy High School who was contacted by Times of India said the teacher had stripped the child at the behest of the mother since he was very mischievous and troubled her at home.

Upon enquiries with the school staff, it came to light that it was  common practice to strip children and bind their hands. When the principal got to know that media was  making enquiries, she changed her stance and said  that the boy  had excreted in his clothes and thus had to be stripped for the purpose of cleaning.

The incident could attract the provisions of Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse Act that prohibits showing children in nudity and the offenders may face imprisonment.