6000 phones

Field inspection teams of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia, in an unwarranted visit recently, destroyed as many as 6000 mobile gadgets, in a Riyadh-based store.

The Ministry published this report on its website after they inspected a number of mobile phone shops after receiving information on counterfeit mobile handsets that were being sold in one of the stores.

The case has been submitted to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution in order to take proper action against fraud and cheating of consumer, according to local laws.

Spare parts confiscated included several world trade marks namely Galaxy, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung among other brands. The store also harboured many world brands labels that were being attached to other pirated gadgets and sold for higher prices.

MCI has pointed out that these on-field inspection rounds on factories and markets, aims to foster a market free of misleading practices and behaviour, that harm the consumer, by preventing the current fraud and frequent displaying of counterfeit goods and commodities, across Saudi Arabia.

MCI appealed to the public to cooperate by reporting any offence or violation of regulations by calling: (8001241616)