Burn marks inflicted on the boy's body —photo by Okaz

Burn marks inflicted on the boy’s body —photo by Okaz

A domestic violence case of a 9 -year-old boy with burn scars all over his body caused by scalding water administered by his own  biological father and mother has been registered at the Jeddah Social Protection Committee (JSPC).

A  neighbor  filed a complaint against the parents,  charging  that the boy suffered a lot at the hands of his own merciless parents. With the help of police, JSPC brought  the father and son to its headquarters so that social workers may examine the boy.

Salih Al-Ghamdi,the JSPC chairman, said he could not believe his own eyes when he saw the boy. He appeared to be in a really pitiful condition and was referred to the hospital for treatment after a social worker and a psychiatrist saw him.

Indications by Police preliminary investigations show  that the parents had even  tried at some point to get rid of the child. When asked why they did that the boy responded that his parents didnt want him . They had ignored his health conditions and did not even enroll him in a school.

According to the boy, he would be tortured and beaten up when disobedient and locked up in his room for days on end. He has 4 siblings, 3 brothers and a sister.

JSPC receives about 25-30 cases of domestic violence against women and children per month. Social workers have noticed that domestic violence  against children is on the rise.

Abdullah Al-Tawee, Director of Makkah Region Social Affairs said the victims of domestic violence may get protection from the committee formed for dealing with the victims of physical abuse, sexual harassment and other forms of torture and mistreatment.
In 2012, Makkah Social Affairs dealt with 250 domestic violence cases involving women and children.

Source : Saudi Gazette