By Ali Shah  | Riyadh Connect



I see lists of the richest men in the world. Many of them are Muslims. I am sure they rejoice in being ranked as the richest. I would be very proud of them too had it not been for one thing: the poverty among muslim populations worldwide.

From Morocco to Bangladesh, we see lots of poverty, bad systems, killings, failing states, crimes due to poverty .We see a rise in prostitution, deception, frauds and many other problems.

As Muslims, we are given a responsibility. We must counter vice with what we have. With our resources, intellect, skill and power. And, we WILL be judged according  to the resources we were granted.

Here is the problem: the elite of our society does not care about society! They are more concerned about raising their wealth then distributing their wealth. A family of 4 may live in a palace built for 40 while a family of 40 may be forced to live in a house built for 4. There is a serious issue when the rich don’t work hard to completely eliminate poverty where they live and focus more on their wardrobes and luxury knowing that poverty will slowly nurture crime and this will destroy the very society that made them rich, in turn destroying them!

I could name countries and persons, but there is no point in that. We all know this reality.
An American Business genius I met at a Summit said something that made a lot of sense to me.

He said: there is a very important thing missing in this society, something we have in the USA and that is the element of ‘angel’ investors. Angel investors are wealthy people that unofficially finance small to medium sized businesses and thus contribute to society by building lives and services. This, along with extremely easy systems for the public, ensures the growth of the country.

Admit it or not, USA is dominant over the whole of the Islamic world today.
We have inventors, designers, geniuses but who invests in them? Western countries..while our so called ‘richest’ in the world are busy buying ‘brands’ westerns created by investing in some simple and smart person somewhere.
So, do these people look great on the Forbes Richest men of the world list?