GROOM_2_BRIDESIn what could possibly be a first in the kingdom, a wedding in Saudi Arabia involved two brides and one groom.

The unusual spectacle was not a surprise for the hundreds of guests who were present at the wedding in the western Saudi town of Taif.

Even though both women had their wedding gowns on, only one of the brides got married at the wedding. The other woman was already married to the groom; she is the groom’s first wife of five years.

According to Emirates 24/7, the couple had waited for about half a decade to be blessed with an offspring. After the long wait, the wife encouraged her husband to marry a second time so that he could have children. The husband was initially reluctant, but finally agreed to the second marriage owing to his wife’s infertility. His wife selected the second wife for him.

After the new marriage contract was finalized and the wedding date set, the first wife learned that she was pregnant. However, this new development did not deter her from getting her husband married again. In fact, she also joined the festivities by wearing a wedding dress and celebrating her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, there has been unexpected delay for many prospective Saudi brides and grooms to get married as there is a shortage of marriage contracts.

Due to a problem with the distribution process from the stores of the Ministry of Justice, many local courts have run out of marriage contracts. Hence, there is a delay in signing contracts for couples. Newly-wed couples require a valid marriage contract to get family ID cards, reports Albawaba.