Amid news of rising marital discords and divorces over trivial issues, it is a pleasant change to read about a couple who are passionate about human welfare and giving back to the society, so much so that even their wedding day was a day of giving.

Bhavana Nissima, who is a blogger with a social conscience, wrote about Thilak and Dhana who got married in the city of Chennai in southern India last year. Unlike the usual fanfare involved in Indian weddings, theirs was a wedding with a difference so that they could make a difference…in the lives of the underprivileged.

marriage with a difference

Dhana and Thilak

Unlike the typical Indian wedding where the number of invitees runs into hundreds and thousands, this wedding was attended by just close relatives and residents of 8 children’s homes in the city. The wedding was not one full of glitz and glamour that is seen at Indian weddings; the wedding rituals were kept to a bare minimum.

children's home

Dhana and Thilak with kids at one of the children’s homes in Chennai

The wedding itself was a fundraiser that provided for the education of underprivileged children. Weddings guest were requested to contribute towards an education fund instead of bringing wedding gifts. Austere measures were adopted by the bride herself as she chose not to wear expensive silk sarees and jewelry.

The whole arrangement sounds humble and uncomplicated; however, the couple had the hardest time convincing their parents of their arrangement. The Dhana and Thilak, who had been friends for years before deciding to tie the knot, waited almost 2 years to get their parents on board with their idea.

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