landfillThe city’s ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) has contracted Ricardo-AEA, a sustainability consultancy firm to deliver an all-inclusive integrated waste management strategy for the capital city, according to Waste Management World, a website catering to the Waste Management industry.

The consultancy firm said that Riyadh is witnessing a rapid development and a challenge that arises with such growth is the waste generated by the increasing population.

According to the consultants, the existing infrastructure for waste management in the city is primitive and that the open landfills will get filled up in a few years.

Dr Adam Read, resource efficiency and waste management practice director at Ricardo-AEA said, “We aim to deliver the strategic support that will help to establish Riyadh firmly at the forefront of waste management best practice within the Middle East.”

ADA endeavors to treat all wastes as resources and maximize the reuse of waste, Ricardo-AEA said that it will develop an integrated waste management strategy that will reduce, reuse and recycle waste. The aim is to reduce the impact of waste generation and the resulting risks in the city.