Images from @Saudiwoman

Images from @Saudiwoman

As an aftermath of the Saudi Women’s Driving Campaign on October 26, 2013, six cases of women driving in the kingdom were reported – 5 Saudi women in Riyadh and 1 Egyptian resident in the Afif province.

The assistant spokesman of Riyadh Police, Col. Fawaz Bin Jameel Al-Maiman, said that each case was dealt with according to instructions from the Interior Ministry.

The security patrol in Riyadh expressed their gratitude to the parents and guardians of these women for their understanding and cooperation in the matter.

Riyadh police stopped more than 13 women driving their vehicles in main streets at various checkpoints, some of them accompanied by their guardians- fathers and husbands, local media reported.

The Eastern region recorded the highest number of cases with  women aged between 22 and 44 driving in Tarot, Al-Aqeer and Al-Ahsa. The women drove in an attempt to defy the driving ban that was confirmed by the Interior Ministry few days ago.

Security Patrol detained the vehicles and referred the women and companions to competent authorities as a prelude to referring them to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution.

Driving is not officially illegal for women in Saudi Arabia but  female driving licenses are unattainable resulting in a de-facto ban.