United Earnings

A Seattle bound United Airlines flight from Houston  was diverted after its captain suffered an in-flight  heart attack.

An airline spokeswoman said on Friday that the captain who was rushed to the hospital after the flight made an emergency landing in Bose- Idaho at 8 pm, died as a result of the medical emergency.

A passenger on the flight said a crew member made an in-flight announcement on the loudspeaker asking if anyone on board was a physician.

A United crew member said in a recorded conversation with air traffic control that they had a man down and requested an ambulance to meet them on the runway.

The Boeing 737 landed safely and paramedics met the plane upon arrival and transported the crew member to the hospital.

A spokesperson from  the hospital where the captain was taken, confirmed that the pilot died.

161 passengers and six crew members were on board Flight 1603 Thursday night. Passengers and crew members departed Boise Airport for Seattle just before 12 am.