Source: Al Jaradiyah Ramadhan Project



The Al Jaradiyah Ramadhan Project has been set up by a few Expat English teachers to help provide Ramadhan food packs for some of the poorest families in Riyadh

They hope to distribute Ramadan Food parcels to help these families throughout the month of Ramadan. The parcels will be distributing to some of the most needy families that live in Al Jaradiyah. This is an extremely deprived area of Riyadh often described as one of the slums with families who have no source of income, widows and orphans who have largely gone unnoticed.

Each Ramadan Food pack will consist of:
4kg Rice
2kg Flour
Noodles/Soup packet
2L Oil
2 cans of meat (corned beef/tuna)
1 can of vegetable (tomato/corn/peas)
1 packet of biscuits
1 packet of lentils
The cost of each parcel will be approx 80 riyals.
They hope to be able to distribute at least 250 packs this Ramadan. They
will be distributing the first batch on Friday 27th and the second batch
Friday 3rd August.
Help  support these families this year.
How YOU can help:
By donating money towards food packs.
By donating food items
By forwarding this email out to your contacts in Riyadh.

You can also follow the project on the  blog: (Photos and updates to be posted up soon inshallah!!)

or join the Facebook page