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Two alleged members of the Al-Nakheel terrorist cell  are standing trial at a special penal court in Riyadh on Tuesday.

According to a report on Saudi Gazette , they have been accused of planning to kidnap the children of princes and use them as bargaining chips to secure the release of arrested terrorists. They have also been charged with keeping potential assassination targets such as senior scholars, ministers, businessmen and journalists under surveillance.

The men, identified as defendants 6 and 37, were accused of carrying out armed robberies against vehicles  and changing the colors of the vehicles so they could use them undetected.

Defendant No. 6 was accused of adopting the Takfiri ideology (labeling Muslims as infidels). He is reported to have escaped from prison in Al-Kharj governorate along with several other terrorists with the help from terrorist Ghazi Al-Otaibi, who was later killed in a gunfight with officers. They were armed with several Kalashnikovs and pistols which they intended to use against policemen.

Defendant No. 37 had pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden and praised Al-Qaeda. He was accused of planning to travel to regions of unrest in Iraq to join the fighting there without permission from the government and claiming that this country does not rule according to Islamic principles. He belonged to a terrorist organization in the Kingdom and was planning to carry out terrorist operations, the prosecution claimed, adding that he provided cover, shelter, transport and funding to terrorists.

The prosecution demanded the death penalty against one of the men and a discretionary sentence against the other.