riyadh-metro-2-An American company specialized in traffic management studies has been assigned to study traffic management during the implementation phase of the Riyadh Metro, according to press sources.

The organization will study and provide reports authorities for handling road traffic during the implementation phase of the ‘King Abdul Aziz Public Transportation’ in Riyadh. Akhbaar24 news reported that the sources pointed out that the 8-month preliminary phase to study the project is soon coming to an end.

The workplaces for the companies executing the Metro project will be transformed once the project implementation kicks off. Contractors have come to an agreement regarding a number of issues, including solutions that will facilitate smooth traffic movement at the Riyadh Metro execution and construction sites. Temporary bridges will be built over some intersections. A study is being conducted to check whether school timings need to be changed during the Metro construction phase.

The Riyadh Metro will operate a total distance of 176 km and will consist of 85 stations with a capacity of handling 200,000 passengers every hour. The estimated time of completion of the metro project is 4 years.