babyA man rushed his new born baby with the umbilical cord still dangling to a Saudi hospital in Al-Khafji just hours after his pregnant wife was sent back from that hospital, reported Sabq news.

On Friday morning, the man took his wife to the hospital because she was experiencing labor pains. The doctors told the couple that the woman was not in active labor and sent them back home.

An hour later, back in their home, the wife’s water broke and she gave birth to a baby. The husband cut the umbilical cord with a knife and drove his newborn to the hospital.

The man barged in the hospital, this time covered in blood and with a baby in his arms. He cursed angrily at the hospital authorities, something that raised concerns among patients and the others present in the hospital hall. The medical team received and treated the baby, while an ambulance transferred the mother to the hospital for treatment. The mother and baby are doing well and in stable health.

The hospital management called the police when the hospital security found one of the patients trying to record the incident with the intention of spreading through social media the gross negligence from the side of the hospital.