samsung-tvs-080113On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics from South Korea, sustaining its lead, launched a range of giant Internet enabled televisions and innovative products including ‘ecobubble’ washer, refrigerators, NX300 camera, 45mm F1.8 lens and Series 7 Chronos.

The Company unveiled 16 new smart TV models that allow users to browse the Internet, use specialized video game apps and even recognize speech and hand motions.

The sizes of these TVs range from 46 – 75 inches.

When prompted questions like “What’s today’s TV schedule for football matches?” or “Any action movies scheduled this weekend?”, the “Smart TV” will list you the scheduled shows accordingly.

These cool models also recognize certain hand motions and change channels. The models also zoom in and out or rotate images on the screen.

The world’s biggest flat-screen TV maker would have the new TVs in the South Korean stores by the weekend. However, it is not clear when the sales in the other countries would start.

Kim Hyun Suk told the reporters that Samsung would create new momentum in the stagnant TV market and their strategy is to focus on the premium TV segment to strengthen their lead in this industry. Kim also said that this is the segment they are investing and marketing most aggressively.

Their domestic rival LG said last week that it would increase television sales by 15% this year by focusing on premium models like the ones lined up or the ones using new display technologies like organic light emitting diodes (OLED).

Source: ndtv