saudi students haaretzOver five million students will start their new academic year on Sunday, reported Arab News.

Rashed Ghayyadh Al-Ghayyadh, Secretary General of the Education Administration, Ministry of Education, said there are 5,187,498 general education students in Saudi, of which 2,628,319 are boys and 2,559,179 are girls. These numbers are based on the most recent statistics.

Students and teachers returning to school will experience two changes. This year, schools start 15 minutes earlier than the usual timings. Previously, classes started at 6:45 AM; however, this year onwards, schools start at 6:30 AM. The new timing takes effect from 15 September. Teachers and students in Riyadh have been asked to leave for schools accordingly.

From this new academic year onwards, a typical school week will start from Sunday and ends on Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as holidays. There is anticipation and enthusiasm for students, teachers, and parents alike regarding the new weekend schedule that came to force in the end of June.

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