Toyota_Land_CruiserA Yemeni who came to the kingdom to work as a carpenter returned to his native town after 10 years and gifted his wife a Land Cruiser and a plot of land, reported Gulf News.

The secret behind the man’s success is his blooming 10-year career as a beggar. The Yemeni came to Jeddah initially to work as a carpenter, but soon realized that begging was a more lucrative option. The expat was successful with his new begging career and made a lot of money.

He invested some of his savings in businesses and also opened many shops. The man gifted his wife with the expensive vehicle and land in return for the support his wife lent him and for taking care of his family during his 10-year-long absence.

When the report was first published, Saudis expressed their disbelief. Some even questioned the naive and gullible nature of Saudis.