Saudi handing over key1A Saudi national, Muthib Al-Sibe’I built a house for his driver, Noor Al-Huda, in his hometown of Damoadi village, eastern Sri Lanka, reported Sabq news.

The Saudi did the good deed because Noor is a good Muslim and as an appreciation for Noor’s honesty and good behavior during his service in Saudi Arabia.

When the driver was returning to his hometown after completing his service with his sponsor, he asked his sponsor to help him build a house for his sister in Sri Lanka. The driver went on to explain that in his hometown, women had to to have a house of their own in order to get married.

Muthib fulfilled his driver’s request with kindness and generosity. The Sri Lankan media were present to cover Muthib’s visit to Sri Lanka. The gesture has helped the people of the village and the Sri Lankan media change their negative perceptions about Saudi nationals.

Saudi handing over key2

Saudi handing over key3