best asian web blog

Saudi expat blog  Blue Abaya  has been honoured by the Weblog Awards  as ‘the Best Asian Weblog’ in its 2013 awards ceremony. The Weblog Awards honour the top blogs on the Internet every year. 

Blue Abaya  is a blog  written by a Finnish woman  who came to work as a nurse in Riyadh , got married to a Saudi man and stayed on in the magical desert forever since.

The blog is defined by a fascinating  insider/outsider perspective as the author relates her good and bad experiences in the Kingdom in a witty and observant manner.

Blue Abaya  author Layla, also maintains a photo journal where you will find some rare and stunning visuals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Here is some appreciation in testimonials that has been compiled from the blog:

“Seriously, I thought my life ended after I moved to Riyadh this Summer, but after discovering your blog today, I realised there is so much fun to be discovered! So thanks so much for that (: Also, after a bit of reading, I can safely assure you that you’re aMazING!  I love what you write! Your positive tone, unwavering Eemaan, and refreshing outlook on life has presented Saudi to me in a whole new perspective.”
 ~ IrishTeen

“Blue Abaya is a fantastic blog. The writing is entertaining, honest, and compassionate. The pictures are excellent, and the mood and feel of the blog transport me. I love the mix of cultures— glimpses of Finland and views of the Desert and real life in Saudi Arabia. It’s one of my very favorite blogs.”

This blogs makes you believe that ‘LIFE’ does exists in KSA :)”
-Mohammad Ali Sohail

We congratulate ‘Blue Abaya’ on winning this award and doing a commendable job on her blog which has become a source of   positive inspiration for readers.