Infrascanner-Model-2000-mainThe Infrascanner Model 2000, a handheld device, uses near infra-red light and helps detect traumatic brain injuries. This device was developed in partnership with the US Navy and Marine Corps.

Successor of Infrascanner Model 1000, the 2000 is held against the patient’s head in eight pre-determined locations. It emits near infra-red laser light using two disposable light guides through the cranium and into the surface of the brain. The optical detector is able to differentiate between circulating blood and pooled blood as the light is reflected back to the Infrascanner. The detector is able to differentiate due to the fact that pooled blood absorbs more light.

The 2000 has features such as display, controls and data processing integrated within one unit unlike the 1000. The other features include rugged structure for use in different locations (like battlefield, expeditions etc) and running on 4 regular AA batteries, if its own NiMH battery runs out.

Apart from the obvious military applications, Infrascanner Model 2000 is also intended for fields like sports.