bride condition

A Pakistani accountant in Jeddah was surprised by his bride-to-be’s strange condition for marriage. She required that he  present a certified letter from his sponsor proving that he works for him legally and is not violating any of the new Saudi residency and labor regulations.

The groom in turn handed over the requested document certified by the Chamber of Commerce to the bride’s father. In justification, the father said that everyone should follow and respect the laws of the country in which they reside, Arabic daily Sabq reported.

He added that the document is only a proof of assurance that the man abides by the laws of the Kingdom without which there may have been a possibility of his daughter being deported after being born in the Kingdom and residing here for 24 years.

Saudi Arabia has deported tens of thousands of illegal foreign workers this year and have been intensifying the crackdown on illegal foreigners residing in the Kingdom.