Bilques Hayat, Mohammed Isshaq, Shaukat Ali Hayat, Abida Hayat and Saira Zenub , 5 family members  died in the crash

Bilques Hayat, Mohammed Isshaq, Shaukat Ali Hayat, Abida Hayat and Saira Zenub , 5 family members died in the crash

  • 1-year-old baby miraculously survived but his heavily pregnant mother, father, aunt and grandparents were killed.
  • The child was found  alive in arms of dying grandfather who ‘cushioned ‘ him to save his life.
  • Baby’s aunt who was  due to marry days later, sent last text saying driver going ‘too fast’
  • Taxi driver ‘fell asleep’ at the wheel with three generations of the same family.

Shaukat Ali Hayat, 56, his wife Abida, 47, eldest son Mohammed Isshaq, 33, daughter Saira Zenub and Mohammed’s heavily pregnant wife, Bilques were the members of the same family that were killed in a car crash in Makkah on Friday.

One-year-old baby Mohammed Eisa Daniel survived the incident on Friday. A Foreign Office spokesman said consular assistance was being provided to relatives.

Shaukat Ali hayat’s brother, Sma Hayat said that this was one of the most shocking tragedies in Welsh history involving a Muslim family.

It has been reported that the cab hit a concrete bridge, somersaulted off the road and ended up in a ditch. The family had been in Saudi Arabia as part of the Umrah, a pilgrimage to Makkah by Muslims at any time of the year.

They had been  travelling to Jeddah to meet relatives 4 hours away. Saira Hayat  was due to be married this weekend and her sister-in-law Bilques was heavily pregnant. Rescuers initially thought the whole family had died, but they found Shaukat Ali Hayat, 56, cradling one-year-old Mohammed in the wreckage. The child suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm and ribs, said the paper South Wales Argus.

It quoted Shaukat Ali Hayat’s brother, Sma Hayat, 58, as saying his sibling was a “well loved and liked” teacher and writer of Islam. He also described Saira Zenub as a “very talented” locum pharmacist, while Mohammed Isshaq was hoping to do a PhD in neuroscience at university, having excelled in his studies. “Shaukat saw what happened as the car went out of control. He grabbed the baby, clutched it in his arms and cushioned him”.

“The boy [Mohammed] has lost everyone but luckily he’s pulled through. We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for their support.”

Newport West MP Paul Flynn said: “The city has immense respect for the Hayat family and there will be real grief in Newport tonight at these terrible tragedies that have happened.”

The family were also involved in a charity work in and around Newport and in 2010 they helped raise funds for victims of flooding in Pakistan. They were buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi cemetery in Madinah, with about 20 relatives there who had flown out to Saudi Arabia.

Relatives will bring Mohammed Eisa Danial back to the UK where he will receive further medical treatment. The family remembered with a service on Monday at the Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque in Newport. Hafiz Mjeed un Nasar from the mosque said: “It was very sad and heartbreaking news.

“When the people of this mosque heard about that they couldn’t believe (it) and many of them, they started crying.” Family friend Yousouf Din Mahamed added: “Our prayers go to them and we are waiting for them to come, and obviously we will be visiting them and supporting them on a long-term basis”.

Source: BBC