drifting accident

A drifting car caused a horrific accident injuring three young men and damaging three vehicles, last Thursday at ‘Thekrayat’ street near the borders of Riyadh city, Arabic daily Sabq reported.

A 19-year old high school student  engaged in drifting in a stolen Hyundai Sonata caused the brutal accident, following which he burnt the car and escaped in another vehicle. An investigation launched into the incident led to the arrest of the young man.

Spokesman for Traffic Police in Riyadh, Lieutenant Hassan Al-Hassan, explained that the Sonata car driver was practising drifting  when it collided into a GMC that was drifting as well. The GMC vehicle slammed into a third car that was parked on the side , running over its driver and passengers, causing grave injuries. It was later learned that one of the injured men had to have his leg amputated following the accident.

Undercover Traffic Police who were monitoring the site at the time  immediately informed Traffic Authorities who quickly arrived at the scene . The Traffic Department in Riyadh has been launching aggressive  campaigns to monitor streets and  control the  drifting  practices  in the Kingdom.  Authorities have advised  parents to actively monitor their children as those engaged in these dangerous activities may face  severe penalties.