boreholes in KSAEven as the Tabuk Civil Defence team is frantically trying  to recover the body of deceased Lama Al Rouqi from an abandoned bore well over 100 meters deep, various news and media outlets in Saudi Arabia are campaigning on covering such boreholes that are found in abundance in the kingdom.

Following a news report by Sabq news about uncovered boreholes in the vicinity of Yanbu airport, a committee was formed to identify all such open, abandoned wells in the area and have them covered to prevent accidents in the future. Swift action was taken under the supervision of the Civil Defense.

Both locals and expatriates in the kingdom have voiced the need to prevent tragic accidents like the one that struck Lama’s family about a fornight ago.

It has been suggested that officials step in and quickly identify these boreholes, most of which are dug up in search of water. These deep holes need to be marked and either covered or filled up.

Recommendations have also been made that those responsible for drilling these holes should also be responsible for filling them up. Since, the safety of the public is at risk, some have suggested that those who neglect to cover unused boreholes be punished.