MOHThe Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced today that a camel from a farm in Jeddah tested positive for the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Preliminary laboratory tests that were made on the camel after its owner was found suffering from the virus resulted positive for MERS-CoV, local media reported.

The 43- year old owner of the camel is currently under treatment at a hospital in Jeddah. As per instructions of the Ministry of Health, once a case of MERS virus is reported, people and animals who were in contact with the sufferer are tested for the virus.

The Ministry of Health is currently working in hands with the Agricultural Ministry to confirm the laboratory test results and isolate the virus.

If the final results are confirmed, this would be the first case of an animal infected with the coronavirus that has killed 64 people worldwide. This would also be the first scientific discovery worldwide of its kind, and a major break-through in the identification of the source of the MERS coronavirus.