Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, met some of the first Saudi Arabian female MPs during her visit to the kingdom. The Duchess greeted the female members of the Saudi parliament, or Consultative Assembly, at the lavishly decorated Majlis Ash Shura building, saying:

Beneath all those pretty smiles there are a lot of very powerful women here.”

The Duchess was later joined by the Prince of Wales as they were given a tour of the gold encrusted parliament building, in Riyadh.

Hanan Al Ahmadi, one of the female MPs, told the Duchess her visit was an endorsement of the work they were doing as women politicians in what has been a traditionally male dominated society.

She said: “We have been waiting for this for a very long time. It is an emotional and very proud moment for us and carries a great deal of responsibility. You coming here to meet us is an endorsement of what is happening here.”

The Duchess replied: “I am so impressed. You are all so clever and well-educated and are blazing such a trail.”

Earlier in the day Charles attended a military event, at the headquarters of the Saudi national guard, where he was given a guard of honour before meeting senior military figures.

Source: telegraph