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Agriculture in Saudi Arabia

The above image shows an agricultural area in north western Saudi Arabia, near the city of Tabuk. According to Vaderstad Global, the circular shape of the fields is created by irrigation booms with a diameter of up to 500...

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Qatif Desert Oasis

Qatif is a city  on the western shore of Saudi Arabia . This  castle is part of an oasis in Qatif. The city dates back to 3,500 BC and was for many years the main town and port in the western Gulf, which meant it was a popular...

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Worst Sandstorm to hit Riyadh

In March 2009, one of the worst sandstorms hit Riyadh, disrupting road traffic, forcing schools and offices to shut down and provoking an outbreak of respiratory problems across the city. Visibility plunged to zero and flights...

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