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Separate mosques for expats?

by Saeed Al-Suraihi Okaz IF Sheikh Al-Mutlaq had not, by his wisdom, humility and right spirit, contained a question asked to him by one of the viewers during his program on Al-Majd satellite channel, we would have been obliged...

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Saudization of housemaids

By Ali Khadran Al-Qerni A few years ago the idea of employing Saudi women as housemaids under certain conditions conforming to the customs and traditions of Saudi women was discussed. Some people welcomed the idea while others...

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Cielo’s Sweet Treats

  Tell us a bit about yourself and Cielo’s Sweet Treats I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and I am the owner of a homebased baking business, Cielo’s Sweet Treats.I am Cielo Algaeed, Filipino, married to a Saudi. We...

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