Al Masmak Fort, Riyadh. Photo by Jimmy Smith

Al Masmak Fort, Riyadh. Photo by Jimmy Smith

masmak2Built with clay and mud-bricks in 1865, the Al Masmak fort in Riyadh is one of the main attractions in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It has  four watchtowers and thick walls, and is founded on stone blocks.

The Battle of Riyadh led by Ibn Saudi, a minor battle of the unification war occurred in 1902 in the fort of Masmak, and it thus played a major role in the kingdom’s history.

Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud head of Al Saud clan after been forced to move out of Riyadh, just after Riyadh had fallen into Al-Rashid family.

Ibn Saud captured and killed Ibn Ajlan (chief of Riyadh), held his head and threw it to the people of Riyadh.

The castle encloses a mosque and a well and its roofs are covered with painted palm-tree, taramic and ethel wood.In the 1980’s , the building received some important renovation and became a museum in 1995. The museum stands a wonderful display of culture and function that includes several  antique guns,  agriculture artifacts and costumes.