Tell us a bit about yourself and Cielo’s Sweet Treats

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and I am the owner of a homebased baking business, Cielo’s Sweet Treats.I am Cielo Algaeed, Filipino, married to a Saudi. We have 2 lovely daughters.

Cielo’s Sweet Treats is a homebased/online pastry shop located here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We have been operating since September 24, 2012. We offer customized cakes, assorted pastries (cream puffs, brownies, cookies etc), dessert and candy buffets which includes styling.

So you have your own home bakery business, What was the first thing you did when deciding to take the plunge?

DSC_1875The first thing I did was to consult my husband regarding my plan to put up a home based pastry shop. I also started investing on my baking tools and supplies which I source from Europe and US.


Do you draw your own cake designs or just make them on the fly?

Yes and No. Yes, if the client request me to create a design to go with their own theme and concept I make my own design. However, if the client has already something in mind or a photo on hand, I re –create the design that they like and add my signature details into it.


Do you have a team to support your business?

No. To date, I do all the preparations, baking, designing and packaging. I honestly prefer it like this for now. I want a more personalized approached especially on my cake designs, packaging and styling. Although, I am really keen in the future to have at least 2 staff members to work with me.DSC_1862


On an average how many cakes/cupcakes do you make a week?

I don’t have a specific statistics on how many cakes/cupcakes or pastries I make in a week. Though most of the time weekends are the busiest part of the week.


Who exactly is your target customer base?

Every one living in Riyadh, and anyone who enjoys eating cakes and pastries.


DSC_1883How does baking fit around your family life?

So far, so good. This is one thing I like about home based business. I get the chance to work and earn, and at the same time I still get the chance to be with my kids and family as I wish.


Do you do home delivery?

Yes, we do. Minimum order of SR100 to avail free delivery


What do you do about marketing your business?

I do sponsorships, attend bazaars and advertise on Facebook.


Would you consider teaching cake decorating classes?

Definitely YES in the future. I would love to, but I have to fully equip myself before I take another plunge. I do not want it to be half baked.



Do you have any advice for other small business owners in Riyadh?

You have to like and love what you do so you would excel in your craft. Do not compromise the quality of your products. Lastly, be patient. We might be a small business right now but who knows in the future we’ll be one of those giant companies. It may take time but we CAN!

You may contact Cielo’s Sweet Treats here