Lama’s caseThe case of the girl, Lama who lost her life after falling into an abandoned well in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia over three weeks ago took a turn when rumors erupted that the body parts retrieved from the well were not that of a human.

The Directorate General of Civil Defense in Tabuk has warned citizens against getting carried away by rumors being circulated on various social media sites. He also requested people to take into consideration the feelings of the grieving family and rely only on official news sources.

The spokesman for the Directorate of Civil Defense, Colonel Mamdouh Al-Anazi announced that the coroner’s report confirmed that the body parts retrieved from the borehole were indeed human remains.

He added that the DNA analysis has been performed and that the results will be announced today. In the meantime, recovery operations are still going on at the site of the well, reported local dailies.

Lama’s mother said that the clothes, socks, and toy that the Civil Defense recovered from the well did not belong to her daughter. She requested authorities to identify the owner of those clothes. Lama’s uncle, Khaled Al-Rouqi said that Lama’s mother will not be convinced until experts analyze the DNA on the clothes.

The mother reportedly refuses to accept condolences as she still hopes that her daughter will return to her alive. Al-Rouqi added that the mother is very disturbed and is in a bad psychological state.