Lama rescue operationsCivil Defense teams working on recovering the remains of 6-year-old Lama Al-Rouki in the north-western city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia have retrieved parts of her body on Monday.

Sabq news reported that while search efforts have resumed, the retrieved remains have been sent to forensics experts. The spokesman for Civil Defense in Tabuk, Colonel Mamdouh Al-Anazi confirmed that their officers found a part of Lama’s remains.

Lama died about a week after falling into a borehole in Tabuk on 20 Dec. Lama’s father and uncle lashed out at the Civil Defense saying that officials failed to use high-tech equipment for its rescue operations.

The father also said that Saudi Aramco asked for an amount so huge for the search operations that he could not afford it. However, replying to the distressed father’s allegations, the director of the Civil Defense, Major General Mastour Al-Harithy said that they have deployed 216 personnel for the search and rescue operation. Al-Harithy denied the bereaved family’s accusations that the rescue efforts were not up to the mark.