ethiopians chadiansClashes between Ethiopian and Chadian expatriates in the city of Jeddah was disrupted by a massive police operation on Sunday.

Ethiopians and  Chadians got violent and hurled stones at each another, disturbing the peace in the Al Aziziya neighbourhood in Jeddah said a spokesman for Jeddah police.

Several Saudi nationals reportedly tried to appease the situation between the two groups, but 14 cars had been damaged by the stones they hurled at each other.

57 illegal immigrants were arrested by the police and  referred to the public prosecution for investigation, Sabq news reported. One Saudi national was reportedly injured when he was hit during the chaos.

A video clip showing crowds of expatriates carrying sticks, standing or walking slowly in a neighbourhood circulated on social networks.

After the end of a  grace period of 7 months granted to allow those residing or working illegally in the country to correct their status that ended on November 3, the Saudi government has now launched a vigorous crackdown against illegal expatriates.