ministry of educationThe Education department has not made any announcements regarding suspending classes in Riyadh schools even as weather forecasts predict more rains. Most schools in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh were open today, and classes were not suspended despite more rains in the weather forecast.

The Department of Education in Riyadh has given school principals the final authority to decide whether to suspend classes or not. Local media reported that a few schools suspended classes today due to the unfavorable weather conditions in the capital city.

Some other schools declared half day off owing to the continuing heavy rains, while yet others dismissed classes an hour and a half earlier than usual. The parents of the students from these schools were intimated the same via text messages to make transportation arrangements accordingly.

The American International School and French International Schools in Riyadh have declared that their schools will remain closed following heavy rain forecasts.

In the Eastern region of the kingdom, classes may be suspended based on weather reports published by the Meteorological and Environmental Protection Administration. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Director of the agency said that decisions will be announced after taking into consideration the safety and interests of the public. Furthermore, the Civil Defence in the region will cooperate with the Education department in their efforts to ensure public safety.