classifieds website haraj blocked in SA

Classifieds website “Haraj”, specialized in buying and selling items, has been blocked since yesterday in Saudi Arabia making it  impossible for users to avail of its  services.

The website was blocked without any prior notice to its owners. Reasons behind this action are  so far unknown. “Haraj” has assured its users on its official twitter account that all advertisements on the website were  consistent with legal standards and requirements including adverts related to security and health.

This action has disappointed “Haraj” and  thousands of its  users who visit this site on a daily basis and is a source of living for many .

The website owners and its supporters are demanding to know the reasons  behind this action.  The Communication and Information Technology Department  had blocked the site “Musta’mal” earlier  this month. After contacting the Interior Ministry, it was learned  that their ads were in violation of state regulations and the website was back online after making required amends.