Friends of the EnvironmentAuthorities in the city of Unaizah in Saudi Arabia’s Al Qassim province are changing the designation of street cleaners to “Friends of the Environment” as part of an initiative to ensure respect for workers, reported local media on Wednesday.

The Municipality of Unaizah is organizing a grand ceremony that will be attended by the Governor of Unaizah, Fahd Ibn Hamad besides other prominent government-sector employees. Authorities plan to formally introduce the new job title during the ceremony; they will also honor around 800 municipal cleaners for their contribution to the community.

According to the municipality website, the decision is meant to raise public awareness about the environment, give more respect to the workers, and ensure that there is no discrimination among people, regardless of job, color, or nationality.

The Community Service Department, in coordination the Department of Operation and Maintenance also plans to develop a better, more hygienic work system and new uniforms for the Friends of the Environment in Unaizah.

(Image courtesy: Unaizah Municipality)