Saudi citizen saves lady and epilectic husband

Aa’ed Al-Shammari, a courageous Saudi citizen, saved a couple’s life on the King Khalid-Hail Road, Sabq reported.

Al Shammari was driving when he noticed a woman flapping her hands and crying for help from an adjacent car. Assuming that the lady was kidnapped, he chased the car at high speed and tried to stop it.  Although Al-Shammari’s car was brand new, he didn’t hesitate to hit the lady’s car to make it stop.

He then  stepped out his car and approached the lady who got out of the car as well and told  him that her epileptic husband was the driver.

The driver’s foot was pressing the gas pedal so Al Shammari moved the car away from the lady and it continued moving, colliding with seven other cars.

Passersby were finally able to stop the car and rescue the epileptic driver who was taken to nearest hospital. The couple later  fixed Al Shammari’s car and thanked him for his courage and timely help.