corruption in hail

The trial for the education corruption case began two days back in the Saudi city of Hail. The case which has been ongoing for  seven months now  has been  receiving a great amount of public attention.

There were significant allegations against many people in the  education department, engineers, contractors and others who were reportedly involved in corruption in the Hail Education Department.

The 12 defendants who appeared before Hail Court in the first session denied all the charges against them  and requested their right to have a lawyer and respond to accusations in writing. Some others were exiled.

The main allegations were bribery, fraud, exploitation of their positions, dissipation of public funds, fake projects and operations, and supporting corruptive management. The Arabic daily “Sharq” reported that about 15.7 million riyals in fraud were uncovered.

 The judge Mohammad Sultan Al-Hariri moderated the court in assistance of Yasser AbdelRahman Al-Atiq and Fares Met’ab Al-Mutairi.

The first 12 defendants included  the former Education Board Director of Hail, the former Assistant Director of Educational Support Services, the Director of Supervision and Implementation, the former Maintenance Manager for the Department of Education, four engineers and contractors of Arab nationalities (not Saudis), a Military contractor working in forensics for violating the regulation system and a citizen for being involved in fraud and corruption.