With the help of a new mechanism developed by Al-Qassim Public Security Department, the  deaf and hearing-impaired people will now be  able to report crimes through SMS.

The mechanism will help hearing-impaired people report any traffic accidents,  crimes, fires and any other complaints to the police , said Department director Maj. Khaled Al-Motairy, while addressing a presentation attended by nearly 70 deaf people in the region. The sms will reach the operation room of the Public Security Department directly.

The format of the sms to be sent to 999 is as follows: city where the incident took place followed by a space and asterisk, the type of incident, a space and asterisk again and the exact location.

The patrol department plans to open a coordination office to extend complete services to the deaf. Traffic rules, however will remain the same and there will be no leniency , if violated, regardless of their special needs.

Source: Saudigazette