pile of goldA young woman in Sharjah stole 20 kilograms of gold jewelry that belonged to her mother. The 20-year-old’s plan was to take her mom’s gold and get out the country with her boyfriend.

The incident happened outside the free zone building of the Sharjah airport where the mother left her daughter waiting in a cab with the valuables. The mother had stepped inside the building to complete formalities to take the jewelry to India, her home country. When she returned for her daughter, the youngster had already fled. The mother initially thought that her daughter was kidnapped.

The Sharjah Police quickly investigated and found that the daughter, along with her boyfriend, had conspired against her mother. Police forces arrested the 20-year-old Indian woman within hours of reporting the case.

The woman was taken under custody by the Sharjah Police at one of the airports in UAE where she attempted to flee the country. The boyfriend was also apprehended. The couple was planning to start a new life across borders using the stolen fortune.